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These four words at the top of our list in dealing with all clients and candidates.

PS Newjob is a Progressive Dental Recruitment Agency solely recruiting for Dental Pracitces across Scotland both on a Locum and Permanent basis for the last 7 years.

Supplying All Dental Staff as we have become known as the “Go To” Dental Agency and we want you to keep you coming back to us.

Our aim is to offer the best Recruitment Service to help you run your dental practice smoothly, without disruption and less time wasted, we do this by supplying you with the best qualified experienced dental staff whether it’s at short notice or for the long term.

We are here to give advice and make sure that recruitment is not an added burden allowing you to continue to focus on your dentistry and your practice.

Our service provides:

  •  24/7 contact
  • No upfront or hidden costs
  • Guarantee period
  • All clinical checks
  • Reference checks
  • Advertising
  • Professional Advice all in confidence
  • Access to an experienced and diverse data base of candidates
  • Experienced Recruitment Consultants
  • Tailor Made Terms to fit each practice needs

We will provide you with a professional recruitment service allowing you to know that your vacancy is going to be filled with the best possible Dental Candidate within the market.

PS Newjob is all about Recruitment so if you have any questions please get in touch and we will give you the advice and information you require.  We are here for you anytime with our 24/7 policy, so please feel free to call.

We listen to our clients so if you feel that you would like to find out more from our website please just let us know by emailing:  [email protected]

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